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Ceremony & Reception

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I know a thing or two, because I have seen a thing or two.

Being Married is the greatest! I know what it's like to plan a wedding and how important it is to have it the way you want. I am here to help make your day special and stress-free. I know what works well and how to make the entire wedding day flow perfectly. 


The Difference


✖️DJs with low energy, no stage presence, can’t read crowds, and are awkward. Their poor (or non-existent) transitioning and song mixing kill the mood.

✖️An inexperienced DJ leaves cables and extension cords lying around, taking away from the aesthetic appeal & beauty you have been picturing for your big day.

✖️ A Budget DJ: "We are just gonna use an iPod" or "A Friend of the Family." This might save you a few hundred dollars, but you get what you pay for. That might lead to embarrassment and a night full of stress. Don't throw your careful planning and investment into your perfect day down the drain.

✖️ They talk too much on the mic and make it all about them. Or they don't talk at all and don't MC and make all of the important announcements. Your special event shouldn't be a DJ's practice event.


✔️ The Wedding Nobody Forgets. A DJ who handles the crowd with ease and knows exactly how to create the amazing dance party your friends and family can’t stop talking about!

✔️ Makes you look great. With a clean and epic set-up of equipment, they engage the crowd and take them to another level. A pro knows how to mix music well, handle silence, stick to the schedule, and ensure everyone has a blast!

✔️ Stress-Free. If your wedding is successful, then we are successful. We care about you, your family, and your loved ones and we want you guys to have an incredible time and be grateful that we worked together. We listen to what you want and want you to enjoy your wedding stress-free!

✔️Unforgettable Memories. Have incredible and fun memories reminiscing about your wedding day. You and your family have worked hard to make it special. Don’t leave the moments and memories to chance!

Avoid the Frustration, Heartaches, and Embarrassment.


Kenlee Gardanier

"Having Parker at my wedding was hands down one of my favorite parts of the entire day! We had so many friends and family together and everyone i saw was laughing, smiling and having a good time. I honestly couldnt have asked for anything better! It would not have been the same without him! He made sure everyone was included and played music that was fun and upbeat for all ages. I totally recommend him for any wedding or event that you want people to remember!"

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