Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Potpourri

I know a thing or two, because I have seen a thing or two.

Being Married is the greatest! I know what it's like to plan a wedding and how important it is to have it the way you want. I am here to help make your day special and stress-free. I know what works well and how to make the entire wedding day flow perfectly. 


Create Your Story

After the proposal, to the moments building up right before the wedding day, is planning, planning, and more planning. As special as a wedding is, it is also a day that requires planning, organizing, timing and problem solving to make your day a success. I will help facilitate this process for you to help make your special day run smoothly. I will sit down one-on-one with you and take the time to discuss the details of the wedding event to make it just the way you want.

Wedding Aisle


A ceremony is a sacred moment in your life that holds the promise of a new future. Allow these sacred moments to go uninterrupted with a quality sound system and DJ PBaby controlling the sound and music of the ceremony. DJ PBaby will go over the ceremony music list with you ahead of time in order to play the right tune at the right time!

The Dance Floor

Reception/Dance Party

This is the special moment to celebrate with all your friends, family and loved ones! By having DJ PBaby, you are setting yourself up for the best experience you have had throwing an event! He knows how to coordinate your event while choosing the right songs to play and keeping your dance floor moving! Timeline coordination, song selection, an exciting bouquet throw and garter toss if desired, a smooth successful event and so much more are all part of this service! I will even bring glow sticks an confetti cannons if you so desire.

Setting the Tone for the Rest of Your life. Choose the Fun Way!


You’re trying to give them an amazing time, right? Because you know it’s all worth it, you’re deciding how to invest your time and money to create the wedding of your dreams.

Throughout the years, I’ve worked with couples and have come to understand your dilemma. Let me help you out. All my couples know these two things:

  1. An Inexperienced, Budget DJ saves you a few dollars.

  2. A Professional saves you embarrassment and regret and gives you memories to share for years to come.

The Difference


✖️ ‘Boring’ Wedding Gossip. Awkward DJs with low energy and no stage presence can’t read crowds. Their poor (or non-existent) transitioning and song mixing kills the mood.

✖️ “That was cringe-y.” A messy DJ obnoxiously blasting cheesy music and spazzing out. Every moment of silence ruins the flow and leaves you with a poor reputation.

✖️ Ruined Night & You’re At Risk. Your special celebration shouldn’t be a DJ’s practice event. Don’t throw all your careful planning and investment down the drain.

✖️ A Bad Experience. They don’t care about how they make you look, about what they do, or how your night turns out. And why would they?


✔️ The Wedding Everyone Keeps Raving About. A DJ who commands the crowd with finesse and knows exactly how to create the fun dance party your friends and family can’t stop talking about!

✔️ Makes you look good. With an epic set-up presentation, we engage the crowd with positive energy. A pro knows how to handle silence, control the volume, and impressively mix music to ensure everyone has a blast!

✔️Unforgettable moments. Have only fun and amazing memories when you think back about your wedding day. You’ve worked hard to make it special. Don’t leave the moments and memories to chance!

✔️Ease of mind. We care about all your effort, your reputation, and your special day. We listen to what you want and enjoy working with our clients!

Avoid the Frustration, Heartaches, and Embarrassment.

Kenlee Gardanier

"Having Parker at my wedding was hands down one of my favorite parts of the entire day! We had so many friends and family together and everyone i saw was laughing, smiling and having a good time. I honestly couldnt have asked for anything better! It would not have been the same without him! He made sure everyone was included and played music that was fun and upbeat for all ages. I totally recommend him for any wedding or event that you want people to remember!"